Real Rorschach Moving Ink Mask: You Control the Animation on Mask

Real Changing Rorschach Mask is very amazing, it can change with the heat of your breathe. You might have read the watchmen series and watched the movie the watchmen also. Rorschach is the fictional character who has unnatural behaviour. He deals everything with non violence. He scares and slaughters the bad guys. He wants to eliminate the crime. He wears amazing mask which change according to his mood. According to the movie and series of comic he has made the mask himself. People love him and are mad about his unique mask. Rorschach might be a vigilante and threat but still bad guys fears him and people love him a lot because he wants to bring justice to this unjust world.

Looking at the increasing craziness about the changing masks, Chromonite has introduced the real Moving Inkblot Rorschach Mask which can actually animate according to your breathe. It includes ink which is heat sensitive that means that ink fades and appears when it heats and cools down. They come in five various types. Following are the advanced features of these masks:

  1. Safe and Non Toxic
  2. Stretchable
  3. Endless Patterns
  4. Descent visibility
  5. Breathable
  6. You control the change over the mask

Get Your Authentic Rorschach Moving Ink Mask Costume Today on Chromonite and look scary and unique over various events like comic con, costume parties and also Halloween too. Just make a choice towards these masks and look like vigilante who is anti-hero still wants the justice in every cost. For more information just visit chromonite site and make a choice towards these special masks.