Watchmen inkblot mask is also known as Moving Rorschach Masks. Chromonite's Masks really change from the temperature of your breath! The masks are made out using completely non-toxic inks and made out of a stretchable, breathable, soft non-allergenic fabric. After mastering breathing techniques, this mask can be the centre of attention at your next party or event.


Following are some of the pretty amazing characteristics of the Rorschach mask that might amaze you:

  1. The inkblot pattern is approached to match that seen in the Watchmen movie version of Rorschach. And as a fan, the authenticity becomes a vital thing to possess.
  2. The pattern of the effects is made using 100%nontoxic, safe fabric ink that act in response to your breath.
  3. each is hand-dyed with splotchy, jagged-edge inkblots so slight differences occur in every mask, so that means you’ll probably never have the same mask as your friend does, keeping your mask a different and a unique piece ever.
  4. It conforms to the contours of your face great, without revealing your features.
  5. It only use one seam – machine sewn – that starts high on the forehead and runs vertically down the back. The thread is very strong.
  6. The masks are temperature sensitive and work best at temperatures 70 degrees or below. However, the effect will still be present at higher temps.
  7. Visibility is good and breathability is ideal.



Changing Rorschach mask are ideal or use in any fancy dress parties or theme parties where you need to look stunning and at the same time different from the crowd. Every year these masks are the first choice of the people. The best thing that puts people in amaze is the effects it gives each time you inhale and exhale. It is because of the special ink that is heat activated, that goes off giving vicious effects while you breathe.