Attention Watchmen Fans-Check Out This New Rorschach Mask


For any true Watchmen fan, there’s a new must-have product that has hit the market.  Unlike other Watchmen masks, we’ve finally got something that can make you look (and feel) like you’re one of the Watchmen.  Of course, we’re talking about a Rorschach mask; but not just any Rorschach mask….the REAL Rorschach masks.

Real Rorschach masks?  YUP!  These are actual moving inkblot masks that replicate the facial mask movements of one of the greatest comic book vigilantes (if not THE greatest) ever.  Rorschach’s moving inkblot mask is known for striking fear and intimidation into the hearts of all of his prey while masking his own true emotions.  You only see what you want to see in the face of Rorschach and now, you can own your own real Rorschach mask to strike fear (or just awe at how cool this mask is) in the hearts of all your friends.

Perfect for Costume Parties or Comic Con

No matter what you want to use this mask for, whether you’re going to a comic con or anime con, making your own Watchmen YouTube video, going to a costume party or just wearing it at the dinner table to freak people out, the real Rorschach mask will have everyone talking.  Now you can be as incognito and intimidating as your favorite Watchmen character.  And best of all, only you will know the true secret; something you can either confide in others or keep to yourself. 

How Does The Moving Inkblot Mask Work?

Here’s the deal: the real Rorschach mask uses your own breathe to create the moving inkblot illusion.  The stretchy, spandex-blend fabric means the mask will fit over any sized head, allowing you to see and breathe right through the mask (no breathing holes or eye holes necessary). 

As you breathe in and out, the water-based fabric ink on the mask will react to the temperature changes caused on the fabric by your breath.  The warm air of your exhale will cause the ink in the pattern to disappear where your breath hits it.  Then, when you inhale, the cool air you take in makes the ink reappear, creating the moving inkblot mask effect.

By altering the directions and patterns in which you breathe, you can alter which parts of the mask disappear and reappear, making the effect all that much more realistic.  As different parts of the inkblot pattern disappear, people will think the mask is actually changing in intensity.  Plus, if you have a second mask with a different pattern on it, you can switch it out for even more confusion-causing merriment!

Where to Get the Best Prices on a Real Rorschach Mask

So, if you want the best Watchmen inkblot mask out there today, one that is sure to impress at any costume party, comic con, anime con or anything else you do with it, you need the real Rorschach mask.  Don’t accept any imitations.  Click here <> right now for the best offer on real Rorschach masks anywhere.